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VOIP for Android Phones

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Android phones like the HTC Google T-Mobile G-1 and the Verizon Motorola Droid, are on multiple cellular networks.  As far as I know, none of them allow “easy” VOIP calling.  They are in the business of selling minutes and need to protect their business.  For us techies, though, is it possible to set up VOIP calling from an Android phone?

Searching the Android Market for VOIP, we find:

  • 2.5 stars – Voice Chat Peer to Peer (VOIP)
  • 4.0 stars – SipAgent Beta
  • 4.0 stars – Sipdroid
  • 2.5 stars – Truphone

Sipdroid is far and away the most popular.  Notes from the Sipdroid comments:

  • Google Voice
  • Gizmo5
  • Guava – another Android client
  • TCP or UDP
  • Guido
  • Freeswitch
  • calleasy
  • sipgate
  • two install options
  • Skype calls limited to 3 minutes.  (really?)
  • tornamac04(*********)
  • Trixbox
  • pfingo
  • sipgate
  • voicepulse
  • pennytel
  • 12voip
  • spectravoice
  • orbtalk
  • justvoip
  • pfingo
  • avoid PBXES unless you are a techie, but sipgate is fine
  • be warned, it’s tailored to PBXES
  • pbxes/vbpro
  • trixbox

Conclusion: Use Google Voice and Gizmo5 (Google just acquired Gizmo5 —

This guy (at the link below) has a write-up about

  • Google Voice
  • Gizmo5
  • Sipdroid
  • The GV app by Evan Charlton from the Market

Sipdroid + GV = GUAVA = Free Calls and Messaging to USA and Canada

Crap!  For now, Google has suspended new Gizmo5 account sign ups.   Do I wait for an invitation for Gizmo5 or march onward?

Well, next would be PBXES (which is what one OP said Sipdroid is tailored towards anyway).