To Companies that use Taleo as a ‘Careers’ Host

Why do you use Taleo?  It is at the top of the list for the biggest clusterfuck in whole arena of job applications.  Number 1 from an applicants point of view.

While someone can apply for a job on many of the job boards with one click, and answer a few questions about skills or relocation (if defined by the company), Taleo, on the other hand, inevitably turns into a 3 hour exercise in frustration.  I know I am not alone in this opinion.

I no longer bother with anything on Taleo.  It shows that you, the company, are willing to torture the applicants.

This doesn’t weed out the non-serious, it weeds out the non-desperate (which is different).  It weeds out the people who innovate, the people who don’t accept nonsense.  And Taleo is nonsense.

Hosting your career section on Taleo tells us that you are a large company with an ocean of red tape, that you are about a decade behind the times, and that your human resources department is verging on sadistic.

Tell me this: On Taleo, why do I have to turn javascript ‘on’ and greatly lower my computer security?  Right there, you are weeding out the people that care about, and are knowledgeable about security.

Why do I have to cut and paste 100 little boxes with the same information I have already pasted into Taleo for other companies?  In this case you are weeding out the people that make efficient use of their time.  My information is already entered on Dice, and Linked-in, and a couple other places.

Why do I need to create YET ANOTHER login on Taleo?  My 3 hours of typing, re-typing, and cut and paste has already been done five times on Taleo.  There simply won’t be a sixth time.

Why does the stupid little window use only the top half of my monitor?  (bad programming)

Why can’t I click on a job title to open the detail in another window?  It just opens the list again.  (bad programming)

To use Taleo for your career host is just plain sadism.  There are much better ways to refine your candidate list than to put us through the 3 hour obstacle course.  I’m sure you are thinking that you don’t want to manually review 300 resumes for a position, but there are much better solutions than Taleo.

Taleo must have a very powerful sales team.  And I would guess they cost a fortune. It seems like a good way to spend money to make applicants hate you.

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8 Responses to “To Companies that use Taleo as a ‘Careers’ Host”

  1. potalenka says:

    I filled in an application for Dell on Taleo. It was a pain but I didn’t give it much thoughtt. Then I applied for a few more jobs on Dice and another board and wow I don’t think it took me a full minute. I saw a job at Chase that looked pretty good. I went to apply. It was on Taleo again. Great I already filled all that in uuuuuuuh where is it? Taleo doesn’t even save all your info. Go to hell Taleo! ridiculous.

  2. No Tramps and Hoes says:

    Taleo was at one point a good application that did some basic screening. Somewhere along the way companies decided to turn everything over to Taleo and now it almost practically selects the interview candidates. What most of the organizations that use it don’t realize is how many applications Taleo doesn’t forward on because it failed to properly identify criterion that met the job requirements, in some cases the applicant had better than requested skills and references, but weren’t overqualified. Taleo shot her resume out within 10 minutes… Thanks you for applying, but….. She started to not waste her time on Taleo but filed an app with a different (a competitor ATS) and organization. She again had everything they wanted. Within 6 hours she got a call from a recruiter setting up a phone interview. She has been on the job for 3 months and met a past co-worker of hers that was also downsized who asked why she didn’t apply to company A (who used Taleo) she was one of the hiring managers. When she told of Taleo response she went and pulled the application from the recruiter. Taleo failed to identify the skills because it failed to consider different forms of words. Even when the form submitted was listed in the worded requirements it wasn’t in the coded ones and so it didn’t meet the criterion. Maybe you saved a lot of money screening apps, but lose the war because applicants are being stopped at the “moth eaten velvet rope”.

  3. a common developer says:

    Taleo sucks so freaking much that frustration leads people waste more time writing and reading all taleo sucking articles in internet 🙂 seriously companies should generously ban taleo by not choosing their service.

  4. Taleo should be sued says:

    I’ve had similar experiences as an applicant and a recruiter. I have never, nor ever will recommend or even evaluate Taleo..As stated above their sales people must offer shady deals with kickbacks or something because companies are losing a majority of their candidates with this piece of shit system. almost every experience I’ve had has been cumbersome, confusing, and eventually the system crashes. Someone needs to start a website…; since their system is proprietary to the positions that their clients have and is not reasonable access to jobs since their software is a SHAM!!!!

  5. Tech Trampled says:

    I went through a year of unemployment. Positions and organizations that I was qualified fully but hosted on Taleo rejected me within a few minutes to a few hours. I still have no idea why. I ended up not answering some of the questions on the application (at the suggestion of a colleague) Suddenly, every application I submitted I received a response on. Go figure! Taleo, actually kills applications if you answer all the questions. Leave a few key questions blank and you get to a recruiter.

    Companies: Does this make you wonder the applicants you could have had if Taleo hadn’t trashed their resume? You should, and you should be angry at Taleo!

  6. Dee says:

    Yes, a class-action lawsuit would be a possibility, since it seems the goal is to mechanize the HR process while making money on unemployed people, and avoiding any fair expectations from so-called “HR” humans.
    But I am not a lawyer – I am, however, an unemployed “user” of Taleo, because one cannot get away from it.
    Every large company utilizes it, seemingly, so their lazy, hiding HR persons can avoid human decisions.

    How about a lawsuit? We will need many names, and then the address of the main Honchos who run the thing, and make LOTS of money – i.e., there is a Board of Directors, et al….

  7. Unem Ployed says:

    The talentexchange website says: Oracle will be permanently closing the Talent Exchange service as of June 27th 2014.

    Knowing this makes me very happy. I have applied to over 100 jobs that use it and have not been called for even one interview. Before you jump to the conclusion that I am the problem, I have in-demand skills and a good resume that conveys relevant accomplishments and education, and I performed well in my previous jobs, each lasting 5 to 10 years. I have often wondered if the Taleo system was pre-screening me incorrectly and blocking my resume from reaching company recruiters.

    As a job seeker, I have found Taleo/UP/talentexchange to be consistantly frustrating to use and ultimately a waste of my time. Tally Ho, Taleo.

  8. We are preparing a Lesson on Taleo, Oracle, CEO emeritus Larry Ellison and the pitfalls of psychological testing and automated job applications and are seeking information, specifically: 1) does Taleo save applications and permanently redlight repeat applicants, even for different jobs?, 2) does Taleo share or sell replies (which include confessions of criminal intent or actions to other firms or government agencies, and 3) does Taleo’s refusal to respond to applicants they have redlighted constitute a violation of the 6th Amendment?

    Any help would be welcomed.

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